Our Menu


  • Rabbit terrine

    This terrine, which combines freshness and melting, is ideal as a starter. Made from pork and rabbit meat
  • Foie gras terrine with “homemade” ratafia

    Fall for the delicacy of our foie gras terrine and its grilled toast… and its red onion chutney….a little touch of raspberry
  • 12 snails

    Discover a good pan of 12 snails in butter, garlic and parsley, served with bread.
  • Vosges egg casserole

    Composed of button mushrooms, smoked ham, Munster cheese and crème fraîche, the Vosges egg casserole will seduce you.
  • Ardennes egg casserole

    Our Ardennes egg casserole is made with white pudding, whole-grain mustard, chaource…crème fraîche. This Ardennes gem with its creamy texture and incredible flavor will take your taste buds on a journey.
  • Egg casserole with 3 cheeses

    Our egg casserole is made from reblochon, morbier and goat cheese
  • Salmon tartare, duo of small vegetables

    Salmon tartare, on zucchini tartare, coriander…dash of raspberry vinegar
  • Frog legs sautéed with garlic and parsley

    6 frog legs sautéed with garlic in butter
  • Plate of charcuterie

    Assortment of rosette, smoked ham and country terrine
  • Coral lentil and coconut milk soup

    Veloute made from coral lentils, carrots… a touch of fresh ginger and a few seeds
  • Small local salad

    Salad, Reims ham, poached egg and some croutons
  • Pan-fried foie gras with raspberry vinegar

    Lobe of foie gras pan-fried in raspberry vinegar accompanied by caramelized roasted apples


  • Ceasar salad

    Crispy chicken, tomatoes, croutons, red onions and parmesan.
  • Périgord salad

    Salad, gizzards, fried potatoes and foie gras on toast. Perfect for any occasion!
  • Italian salad

    Cold salad composed of tomatoes, serrano ham,… burrata and basil pesto
  • Shepherd's salad

    Salad, smoked bacon, sautéed apple, and hot goat's cheese toast...a delight! With a dash of honey on request
  • Fresh salad

    Green salad, tomatoes, cucumber

Getting started

  • Charcuterie board

    Let yourself be tempted by our classic, the charcuterie board which offers an assortment of smoked ham, pepper steak, rosette
  • Vegetarian board

    Charcuterie and you, that makes two? We have what you need: our vegetarian board is made up of an assortment of vegetables in fritters and sauces.
  • Pop's board

    Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, a potato fan, a new way to enjoy it as an aperitif sprinkled with grated Emmental....
  • Antillean board

    Cod acras are small fritters fried with cod, herbs, spices, more or less seasoned with chili.


  • The Savoyard

    Savoyard gastronomy, what a delight! This dish is richly composed of baked potatoes, smoked bacon, reblochon, onions, crème fraîche and emmental.
  • The Trojan Woman

    Discover with delight this dish of baked potatoes, andouillette, onions, whole-grain mustard, crème fraîche and emmental...
  • The Scotswoman

    Baked potatoes, smoked salmon, fresh tomatoes, crème fraîche and emmental... Enough to make your mouth water!
  • La Ch'tite

    What's better than baked potatoes, diced ham, maroilles, crème fraîche and emmental?
  • Périgourdine

    Perigourdine is a dish of baked potatoes gizzards, egg, foie gras shavings, crème fraîche, emmental... you'll only take one bite!
  • The three cheeses

    We love cheese for its taste, aromas and health benefits. Discover with delight this dish of baked potatoes, reblochon, blue cheese, goat cheese, crème fraîche, emmental.
  • The Vosges

    Do you have a good apetite? This dish composed of baked potatoes, smoked ham, pickles, Munster cheese, crème fraîche and Emmental cheese is perfect for you.
  • The leader

    The chef's selection: baked potatoes, ground beef, pepper, goat cheese, onions, oregano, crème fraîche and emmental cheese... A delight!
  • La Forestiere

    Between baked potatoes, button mushrooms, chestnut pieces, bacon, morbier, crème fraîche and emmental, we don't need to say more...
  • The Ardennes

    Potato made with a thin layer of onions, a few slices of white pudding and chaource and........all covered with crème fraîche and Emmental cheese
  • The Spanish

    For a caliente trip, opt for these baked potatoes, chorizo, egg, mozzarella, tomatoes, crème fraîche and emmental.
  • La Montbéliarde

    Undoubtedly the oldest sausage in France, this baked potatoe dish is accompanied by Montbéliard sausages, onions, white wine, raclette cheese, crème fraîche and emmental.
  • The farmer

    Baked potatoes, chicken, smoked bacon, garlic, button mushrooms, camembert, cream, fresh and emmental: this mixture of flavors can only satisfy you.
  • The Alps

    Baked potatoes, smoked bacon, goat cheese, honey, thyme, crème fraîche and emmental... Sweet and savory, a successful combination on your plate!
  • The Surprise Potato Trilogy

    You will find an assortment of 3 potatoes to discover according to the mood of the chef
  • Vegetarian potato

    Baked potato garnished with onions, mushrooms, fresh tomato, and reblochon….emmental, crème fraîche

Dishes of the day

  • Salmon steak with champagne sauce

    If you like fresh salmon, light and refined cuisine, this recipe with champagne sauce is made for you!..... accompanied by rice
  • Cod fillet with champagne sauce

    Pan-fried cod fillet with cream sauce and basmati rice
  • Fourneau Burger

    Burger consists of its 150 g minced steak, garlic, browned onions, tomato, flowered tome from the Ardennes and its burger sauce made with “homemade” honey...all accompanied by fries.
  • Milanese veal escalope

    Breaded veal escalope and pasta
  • Prepared beef tartare and fries

    Tartare prepared with capers, shallots, parsley, English sauce.... you can request it unprepared
  • Old-fashioned rabbit stew

    Rabbit saddle simmered in white wine, bacon, fresh mushrooms and cream sauce accompanied by pasta
  • Beef entrecôte 200 g and fries

    Grilled entrecôte a la plancha with fries
  • duck Parmentier

    Shredded duck covered with “homemade” mashed potatoes accompanied by


  • Floating Island

    The floating island is one of the flagship desserts of French gastronomy! A classic fresh and light dessert!
  • Warm chocolate cake

    If you are like us, fans of chocolate cakes, we highly recommend this warm chocolate cake accompanied by its custard.
  • Lost brioche

    Lost brioche and a scoop of vanilla ice cream: a real treat!
  • Surprise gourmet coffee or tea

    Our gourmet coffee as we like it with three “homemade” mini desserts
  • Chocolate mousse

    Made with passion, by a gourmet team!
  • Irish Coffee

    Made with coffee, this dessert is flavored with a little whiskey and whipped cream. What a reminder of the famous Irish drink!
  • Homemade chocolate profiteroles

    Melt for these 2 choux puffs topped with vanilla ice cream and covered with chocolate sauce.
  • Creme brulee

    Creme brulee with vanilla
  • Liège coffee

    Coffee ice cream, coffee coulis and whipped cream
  • Liège Chocolate

    Savor our chocolate Liège cup with delight.
  • Small Fourneau Cup

    Our specialty: vanilla ice cream, nougat, custard, toasted almond and whipped cream.
  • Pear Belle Hélène

    Fall for our vanilla ice cream, pear in syrup, warm chocolate coulis and whipped cream.
  • Island Cups

    Opt for this dessert that will take you on a journey to a paradise island: Praline ice cream, coconut, warm hot chocolate, toasted almonds and whipped cream.
  • Gourmet Cup

    Between ice cream, Vanilla Speculoos, milk jam, caramel sliver and whipped cream... No need to say more!
  • Peach Melba

    Opt for our sweet treat composed of vanilla ice cream, peach in syrup, strawberry coulis and whipped cream.
  • White Lady

    A pleasure cup with Vanilla ice cream, warm chocolate coulis and whipped cream...the essential!!!
  • Jeroboam

    Opt for this peach sorbet with Testulat champagne.
  • Charent’oise cut

    Glass of melon sorbet, and champagne ratafia
  • Red fruit cutter

    Like its name, this ice cream sundae is intended for lovers of red fruits! It's a red fruit sorbet, vanilla ice cream, red fruit coulis without forgetting its whipped cream.
  • Colonel Cup

    A lemon sorbet with vodka for a drink worthy of the greatest colonels!
  • After Eight Cup

    The famous chocolate revisited in ice cream: mint chocolate and Get 27, a fantastic duo!
  • Cheese trilogy

    Our trilogy of cheeses evolves throughout the year to adapt to your desires. Currently: reblochon goat cheese and maroilles
  • Baked apple revisited

    Baked apple, accompanied by a scoop of vanilla ice cream.....a little salted butter caramel coulis
  • Exotic fruit salad

    Fresh fruit salad: pineapple, mango, lychee, kiwi
  • Cut 2 balls

    Cut 2 scoops of ice cream. Choose your two favorite flavors! with or without whipped cream!
  • Cut 3 balls

    Cut 3 scoops of ice cream. Choose your two favorite flavors! with or without whipped cream!
  • Pineapple and caramel cake

    Soft almond and pineapple....butter caramel....served warm
  • Surprise gourmet champagne

    Assortment of mini desserts and a glass of Diot de Vinay champagne first look
  • Tutti frutti tart - crumble

    Multi-fruit tart accompanied by a scoop of vanilla ice cream...a touch of whipped cream
  • Cottage cheese and fruit

    Cottage cheese, mango coulis and red fruits…..crumbled shortbread…. Some fruit
  • Cut as usual

    Pear sorbet and pear alcohol
  • Tropical cut

    Cup composed of mango, banana, passion fruit ice cream, fruit and whipped cream and a touch of rum